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Introduction & Overview

This video is an introduction & overview to Facebook's advertising program and how you can get cheap, effective & targeted traffic for pennies per click!


Setup Tracking System

Here I’ll discuss how to setup your tracking system quickly so that you can get started enjoying the benefits of Facebook advertising.


Research Analysis

Discover in this video what you should do before you begin running a Facebook ad campaign, why knowing your audience is important and the various targeting options available.


Creating a Good Image

I’ll provide detailed information on how to create a good image for your ad campaign, why it is critical to use images and the different ways to make your images appealing.


Attention Grabbing Headlines

In this video you'll learn in detail how to use simple headlines that grab the attention of your audience, why you should make your headline "explode" and some examples of this.


High Converting Ad Copy

Here I’ll discuss the body of your ad, why it is important to be precise in your ad and how to make people read & click on your ad.


Effective Targeting

Learn how to effectively target the interests of people looking at your ad, run a successful campaign and the key to getting cheap clicks


Getting Your Ads Approved

I’ll discuss in this video how to get your ads approved, the basic things you should know about Facebook's terms of service and essential elements to include on your landing page.


Landing Page Secrets

In this video you'll learn the basics of a successful landing page, why conversion is important to your ads, things you should avoid and how to enhance buyers' overall experience.


Tweaking Your Campaign

Discover in this video exactly how to tweak your ads to improve click-through rates, why you should run multiple campaigns, the reports you can utilize to improve your ads and more.


The Facebook Ad Panel

Step-by-step video walkthrough of how to create your Facebook ad to reduce the cost per click and gain high returns.


Integrating Email Marketing

I’ll discuss in this video how you can link email marketing to your ad campaign, why it is important to build a list when running ads and how you can make your sign up more appealing.


Inserting Affiliate Offers

This video reveals how to insert affiliate offers into your Facebook Fan Page using a 3rd party application, so you can run ad campaigns to your page and earn commissions.


Creating Page Tabs

In this video, we will be taking a look at how you can create a tab to your Facebook Fan Page, the reason behind using tabs and how they help to reduce your costs.


Displaying Videos

Here I’ll show you how to display videos inside a page tab, so you can send targeted traffic to the videos and keep your costs down.


How to Get Super Cheap Clicks

Here you'll learn how to get super cheap clicks by setting up custom audiences from start to finish, who your custom audiences are, how you can use email lists & Fan pages to build custom audiences and much more!

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