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Dear Marketer,

Here's How You Can Increase Your Conversion Rates, Get TONS Of Viral Traffic And Make More Money Today!

If you are pulling your hair out lately because you can't seem to get better conversions and traffic seems to be scarce, I have important news for you.

In just a few moments I am going to show you how to dramatically increase your conversions by 100X, and not only that, how you can also start driving insane viral traffic effortlessly.

A Simple, Effective Tool That Will Unlock More Profits And More Sales Today...And It Will Only Take You Just
A Few Clicks Of Your Mouse!

I will let you in on a secret...

Most marketers usually put a lot of hard work into optimizing their blogs with the layout, their offers, products, and services...

Basically, they pay attention to tons of details but they fail to address perhaps the MOST important factor:

The Checkout Page


Believe it or not, where the REAL money is made
and where you can skyrocket your earnings is

when you properly
optimize your
checkout page

I know that this might sound crazy, but marketing experiments have shown that people make their decision about whether to buy or not in the checkout page.

Well, today I will reveal to you a deadly effective WP plugin that will allow you to create an unforgettable buying experience for your customers...who will keep buying over and over again from you!

And not only that, but also to unleash a tornado of viral profits, giving you the chance to take advantage of MAXIMUM exposure.


Proudly Introducing...

WP Checkout Maximizer is the definitive WP plugin that will help you make more money by increasing your conversion sales, enhancing your buyer's experience and driving social viral traffic to your blogs... all in just a few easy steps.

This plugin consists of several very powerful and effective features that makes it unique - there's nothing like this out there!



These are the incredible features in
WP Checkout Maximizer:


1-click Order Form Maximizer - Allow your customers to add extra items to their order with just a single click which will send your sales and conversions through the roof.   Viral Traffic At Your Fingertips - You have the option to offer a discount to your buyers in exchange for sharing your blog on Facebook.


Offer cash discounts easily - This is another fantastic way to increase sales almost instantly. You can offer single or multiple cash discounts making people more eager to buy from you... with just a single click.   Jaw-dropping, high-quality, custom-made graphics that are proven to convert - When you are using these graphics, that a professional team of Photoshop wizards created, you can definitely expect to impress your customers and increase sales by 100x!


Easy to install with a very user-friendly admin panel so you can control the plugin in an easy way. Even if you have never used Wordpress before!   Unlimited Use + Resell yourself for 100% profits! Not only do you get the plugin to use on an unlimited number of sites, but you can also sell it yourself for all the profits!



Plus Act Now And Get A Second Profit-Boosting

Easily Increase Your Sales & Boost Profits!

With this cool bonus software, you can add a sliding feature to your websites that visitors can't help but click on, leading to even better conversions with little extra effort!

Here are its amazing features:

  • Creates Slide In Timers In Just Minutes
  • Easy To Use, Simply Fill-In-The Blanks
  • Software Requires No Installation
  • Option To Change Background Colors
  • Option To Change Text & Font Colors
  • Option To Redirect After Offer Expires
  • Option To Add Time Delay To Slide In
  • Slide In Countdown Hovers Above Page
  • Wide Selection Of Call To Action Buttons



Increase Your Conversions & Get Loads Of Viral Traffic Guaranteed...

If you are reading this far it can only mean one thing; you are definitely interested in WP Checkout Maximizer and that's a good thing.

After all, you now have the chance to increase your conversions and sales in a way that you've never thought would be possible... you can also unleash a tornado of viral traffic that will literally flood your blogs.

And all for a fraction of the cost...


As you can see, this is a really great chance for marketers just like you to finally give your online business the boost it deserves.

And quite frankly, I made things really simple for you.

You only have to install WP Checkout Maximizer (it will take you only a few seconds) and you will be well on your way to doubling your conversions and getting MORE viral traffic.

Now, I am sure that you agree that the introductory price I'm offering this for is ridiculously low and is within your reach.

But let me give you a fair warning: this price won't be here forever so I suggest you take action now if you don't want to pay more in the future.



Order Now And Get A Free Upgrade 


Simple one time payment gets you WP Checkout Maximizer plugin for ALL your wordpress projects + you can even sell this plugin as your own and keep all the profits!

That's right, you get master resale rights plus a copy of this sales page with it, along with easy to follow instructions for you and your customers.

And by acting now you get the second bonus software included as well!

This low price will not last forever!...

WP Checkout Maximizer

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