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Content Master Combo Pack

This amazing new software slashes your time spent writing articles because it walks you step-by-step through a winning process to create them.

From start to finish you're shown exactly what you need to include. As a result, articles that would have taken you hours to create are now popped-out in a tiny fraction of the time!

Simply put, having this software in your arsenal is the quickest and easiest way to get your content created and live on the web to bring you more FREE search engine traffic!

Plus you can resell it yourself and keep all the profits!

Here's The Full Benefits:

Quickly and easily increase the amount of high-quality articles you produce for a surge in traffic!

Boost your visibility and traffic by giving search engines more of the quality content they're looking for!

Gain countless backlinks by supplying and distributing articles that other webmasters and ezine owners publish!

Pop-out killer content at lightning fast speed that result in more traffic and sales!

No more wasting time stressing over what to write or worrying you're off on the wrong track because you'll be guided step-by-step what to do using a simple software interface!

Get walked through the complete article writing process, including brainstorming topics, creating a title, the body of the article, the author's byline, adding an optional product link, keywords, and web page meta description! 

Simply fill in the blanks and by the time you're finished, your article is ready-to-go on the web!

Export your articles into to text or HTML format and use the built-in FTP feature to easily upload your articles to your website!

Store multiple articles inside the software, so that you can go back and edit any time you want! This is vital to keeping organized when you're putting out a lot of articles!

Easily get more FREE Search Engine traffic from your content by instantly analyzing your articles with just a few clicks!

Quickly "test" all your articles prior to publishing them on the web to make sure you don't waste all of your effort!

 Automatically computers the exact keyword density, so your articles can be optimized for better search engine rankings!

Catch and correct any spelling errors that might exist with the built-in spell-checker feature!

Ensure your keyword density is accurate for easy search engine approval, so you never miss-judge whether an article is going to hit the bullseye, costing you a prized and profitable search engine ranking you could've easily had!

Get all of the data to make smart decisions, including the keyword count, the number of times a chosen word or phrase occurs throughout the content, and the density percentage.

Save each article in either .txt or HTML format for full flexibility and saved time!  In a snap your content is ready for you to submit to directories, online newswires, or publish on your website!

Quickly spot your keywords inside your article with built-in highlighting feature!  This is a huge time saver when you're trying to edit your articles!

If You Publish Articles, Press Releases, Blog Entries, Or Any Type of Content On The Web, You Can Dramatically Increase Your Search Rankings & Traffic With This Amazing New Tool That Ensures Your Content Is Ready For The Search Engines!

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