In the offline world, businesses have been using motivation tactics for decades to boost their profits. In fact, they're so common that most people don't even recognize them as motivation tactics. They're just part of everyday life.

The most common motivation tactic is "the sale".

Most businesses - particularly shops and stores - have regular sales.

There are "holiday sales", "summer sales", "end of season sales", "clearance sales" and more. Some shops seem to use any excuse for a sale!

Tomorrow the stock may all be gone - or the price could have gone up substantially.

Customers can actually see the items disappearing from the shelves - and see other people buying - and this of course encourages them to buy too.

All this activity results in increased profits for the business.

While this strategy works well offline, it has generally been much harder to create this sort of motivation online ...until now.

Now with our new WP Sticky Bars plugin, you can apply the same sort of powerful motivating tactics to your web pages - and all with just a few mouse clicks...

WP Sticky Bars

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