250 'Plug-N-Play' Twitter Marketing Messages With Private Label Rights!

Instant Tweets In-A-Box

This complete "copy & paste" marketing series can be used for ALL your Twitter campaigns and is geared toward TEN profitable money making topics!

In short, you'll have INSTANT Twitter campaigns you can plug-in and start making money from a variety of *high converting* offers!

With Instant Tweets In-A-Box you'll receive 250 Pre-Written Messages especially designed for use on Twitter. 

But they go a step further than that... 

These Instant Tweets are written specifically to generate interest in targeted affiliate products that PAY YOU commissions on each sale.

But that's still not all... 

They can be used to promote products that ...

Pay Sales Commissions INSTANTLY
to YOUR PayPal Account.

No Waiting Weeks or Months to Receive Your Commission Check.

You Make a Sale Today - and You Get PAID TODAY!

All you do is dribble the individual Tweets into your Twitter account .... 

... then sit back and get paid! 

When your Twitter followers click on these links and make any purchase, you are paid instantly to your PayPal account in amounts ranging from 50% all the way to up 100% of the sale.

Just plug in the messages for whichever product you wish to promote, slightly customize to fit your specific offer and you’re ready to go!

It really is that simple!

Here's What You'll Get:

You get 250 ready-made Twitter messages spread across 10 profitable money making topics. Just grab the sequence you need and you're ready to tweet!

Completely pre-written from scratch by a pro copywriter... You don't have to write them yourself!

Fully customizable to fit your specific offer. Change them up however you wish or simply enter your affiliate link and use them "as is"! 

100% Plug 'N Play - Pick the sequence you need and pop it into place for a fast, effective and truly professional Twitter marketing campaign!

Super Fast Implementation - You will never find a Twitter marketing system as easy as this... You select a topic, insert your affiliate link, and dribble the Tweets into your Twitter account! Nothing could be any easier!

Instant Commissions - Each set of messages includes sources for high converting affiliate products that pay commissions INSTANTLY with NO WAITING on a paycheck!

 Guaranteed Results - These messages are guaranteed to boost your profits with a simple, proven way to get results without all the work!

Here's a List of Tweet topics You'll Receive:

 25 Tweets for High Converting 'List Building' Products 

25 Tweets for High Converting 'Affiliate Marketing' Products

25 Tweets for High Converting 'Facebook Marketing' Products 

25 Tweets for High Converting 'Twitter Marketing' Products 

25 Tweets for High Converting 'Wordpress Blogging' Products

25 Tweets for High Converting 'Survey Creator' Products

25 Tweets for High Converting 'Website Builder' Products

25 Tweets for High Converting 'Graphics Creator' Products 

25 Tweets for High Converting 'Video Creator' Products

25 Tweets for High Converting 'Ecover Creator' Products

.... And YES!

YOU CAN Mix & Match Messages and Re-word These Tweets to Target any Offers That You Choose!

Which Means You Have ...

 Full UNRESTRICTED Private Label Rights 

... to ALL the Tweets - So You Can Change Up, Edit,
and Modify Them Any Way You Want and ...


The possibilities are truly endless here when you think about the fact that you have 250 Twitter marketing messages already created for you and since they include private label rights you can modify and change them up anyway you like!

Instant Tweets In-A-Box

Now You Can Grab UNRESTRICTED PLR Rights To
The Instant Tweets In-A-Box Package... And Get

Action Guide & Video Training + Software

 "Powerful Twitter Training & Software System With Everything You Need To Dominate Your Niche!"

This step-by-step Twitter marketing system can help you get as much FREE TRAFFIC as you want and make money at the same time!

Everyday marketers are looking for solutions to automate their Twitter marketing to gain more exposure...

Tweet Crusader is that solution.

Twitter traffic is TARGETED, ENGAGED, FAST & FREE!

And now YOU can take advantage of it like never before!

Not only will you receive a complete "actionable system" you can follow to get free traffic and make money from your Tweets...

But the included software makes it possible to "automate" the process and get OTHER PEOPLE to Tweet YOUR MESSAGE and bring traffic back to YOUR SITE!

It's easy, fast and powerful... and today you get to try it for absolutely ZERO extra cost!


Instant Tweets In-A-Box

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